A passion
for Music

5:25 Productions  is a digital post production company..
Our goal is to bring your ideas to life through
vibrant & engaging video and audio post production.

At 5:25 Productions we understand the impact that sound has on your images and especially the use of music to make your story come to life. The true power of good story telling lies in the visual image working together with the soundtrack.

So, how can we help you bring your next film score to the big screen?

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Feature Films Edited


Episodes of Television Edited


VFX Shots Rendered


Original Pieces of Music Composed


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We love films and storytelling as people.
It's just a human compulsion to listen to and tell stories.
Mychael Danna - Film Composer


Here's some of our previous work
This is what we can do for you.

Ellen - The Ellen Pakkies Story - Original Soundtrack

Ellen - The Ellen Pakkies Story

Original Soundtrack for the feature film, "Ellen - The Ellen Pakkies Story"

Ellen - The Ellen Pakkies Story - Trailer

Ellen - The Ellen Pakkies Story

Trailer edit for the feature film drama, "Ellen - The Ellen Pakkies Story"

Raaiselkind - Original Soundtrack


Original Score for the feature film drama, "Raaiselkind"

Ek Joke Net Original Music

Ek Joke Net

Original score for The Film Factory's candid camera feature "Ek Joke Net".

Blood and Glory - Original Soundtrack

Blood and Glory

Original Score for Collective Dream and Dark Matter Studio's feature "Blood and Glory".

STOM Shortfilm


Offline Edit and Original Score for the shortfilm "STOM".

FPB Cinema Trailer Original Music

Original Music for the FPB Cinema Commercial

Original music written for the Film and Publication Board's new ad produced by Motion Worx.

Original Commercial Music

P.G. Glass Commercials

One of several themes composed for a series of TV adverts created by Motion Worx for P.G. Glass.



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Dog it, and work at it until
it’s done right.
Walt Disney