Agent 2000 - DVD Authoring

For the Film Factory

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  • Agent 2000 - Audio

5:25 Productions recently completed the menu animations and authoring for the Agent 2000 commercial DVD which will be released for rental and to purchase soon.

In this Afrikaans-language adventure film, produced by The Film Factory, secret superhero Agent 2000, otherwise known as teenager Walter du Toit, is running short on time. He needs to unmask the school bully AKA the Executioner before the end of the school year’s hazing period.

Should he fail, the school’s principal will be fired, his reputation as a secret agent will be gone, and he will lose both his best friend and the girl of his dreams.

The menu animation was great fun to create and reflects the visual fx that were in the film produced by the team at Motion Worx. The DVD special features include a behind the scenes look at the making of the film, a short film about the effects of bullying as well as the announcement of the winner of the Staedtler competition that was run in conjunction with the film.