Transnet Talent Management

Client - EY

Crew and cast on the Transnet Talent Management shoot

5:25 Production's first official production happened on the 27 March, and thanks to a great crew and cast the shoot went incredibly well.

We pitched the idea of shooting the actors against green screen to the client to be able to give the entire video a fresh and modern feel, not rooted in a particular environment. It also allows us to use virtual camera moves in post to give the video that extra bit of production value.

The challenge was to find 7 actors who fit the client's specific brief and with the help of casting agencies Pick Me Talent and Talent ETC this was no problem at all.

Filming took place at Phoenix Studios in Blairgowrie which I highly recommend. The green screen space is ample and the adjoining make-up room and waiting area are perfect for the actors to relax and wait while shooting is happening. It always makes a big difference to have the client in the room with us while we shoot and it was a pleasure having Simone Peinke and Kate Skinstad from EY with us on the day.

All in all a great production experience and we should be wrapping up post towards the end of April.