Now editing in surround sound

There's no reason why offline editing shouldn't happen in 5.1.

Crew and cast on the Transnet Talent Management shoot

It’s obvious that sound has a massive impact on a film, but what about the effect of the sound space. With professional editing software today, offline editing in surround sound has been made incredibly simple and there’s no reason you as a director shouldn’t be editing in 5.1.

So many temporary (and sometimes not so temporary) aspects of a film are being executed during the offline edit - temporary visual fx shots like green screen keying and compositing, cropped and merged takes, basic sound design and color correction. This not only helps you as a director to envisage your final product, but also gives your test audiences and production team a better sense of your creative vision for the film.

Why should sound be any different? Even though it won't be your final sound design or mix, hearing your audio ideas in surround sound during the offline edit can make a significant difference to the creative process.

So, what are the benefits of editing in 5.1
• Sound design ideas and sound placements can be made in the offline edit that you may forget about during sound design/final mix.
• Have a more immersive experience during the offline edit. After all, that big explosion or plane flyover just isn’t the same without a chunky subwoofer and a beautiful piece of score can make a scene that much more powerful when it's coming from all around you.
• Provide your sound design and final mix team with a better idea of what you want to hear in the final film. The surround tracks will also be sent through to the sound department to fit into their workflow.
• Stereo mix downs can easily be made from a surround sound project, so sharing your film for review to audiences who only have stereo playback equipment won’t be a problem.

So, start editing your films in surround sound today. For more information get in touch with us at 5:25 Productions.