Content is King

Content is King - Video is Queen!

Nowadays, if content is King, video content is Queen. It is more engaging, more persuasive, and more likely to garner shares and likes from social audiences than any other content format (consider it Duchess Kate instead of Prince William). The statistics are overwhelmingly in video content's favour – more than 40% organic traffic, 20% more conversions and 80% more information retention than any other form of content.

It has never been more important for brands to use this versatile medium to engage their audiences.

So why are so many companies still lagging?

More often than not, resource constraints (either budgetary or time) are cited as hindering Marketing Executives from producing more video content.

Traditionally, a piece of video work was considered the Rolls Royce of marketing collateral, requiring huge budget allocations and extended production times. This often meant that lengthy corporate videos were produced, which dated quickly and being rather costly, often ended up being the only piece of video collateral available to sales teams and marketers for extended periods.

In today's world, this is not the only option. By partnering with post production houses, marketers can collaborate directly with the people responsible for the video creation, thereby eliminating the cost of an agency. While this may seem daunting, it is important to remember that as the custodian of a brand, the marketer has the best and clearest vision of what is required and, by liaising directly with the video producers, are able to eliminate confusion, multiple reverts and misinterpretation, and indeed cost.

For example, engaging professional videographers to record interviews will contribute to the overall look of a video, but with a bit of practice, and patience, inhouse marketing teams are more than able to shoot such footage using their mobile phones (here is a useful article showing you how to do just that). An interview of for example 5 minutes, can then easily be uploaded to a post-production house where is can be edited, motion graphics can be added and music overlaid, to produce a professional bit of content marketing in 72 hours or less.

In a world where audiences have minute attention spans the ability to post highly engaging video content, frequently and with minimal fuss, must be every marketers priority.

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